Разгрузка — транспортирование — дозирование

У вас есть потребность, у нас — оптимальное решение!

Emptying, conveying or dosing - you have the application, NETZSCH has the optimal and individual solution for your problems within the different applications

NETZSCH barrel emptying systems  suction themselves automatically towards the barrel bottom and empty barrels and containers almost completely in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries and NEMO® dispensers and hand dispensers ensure the highest degree of reproducibility and dosing accuracy in the most diverse fields of application. 

Product range of dosing and emptying

Дозатор-наполнитель NEMO®

Дозатор-наполнитель NEMO® для максимальной точности дозирования

Устройства разгрузки емкости NETZSCH

Мы разгрузим все до последней капли!

Barrel Emptying System with NOTOS® 2NSH Pump

The heart of the barrel emptying unit is a NOTOS® 2NSH twin screw pump. With positive displacement it creates a low pulsation flow to convey the product without damage. 

Barrel Emptying System with NEMO® BH Pump

NEMO® barrel emptying systems for hygienic applications are highly versatile and automatically suck themselves towards the bottom of the barrel.