N.Mac® Channel Twin Shaft Grinder

N.Mac® Channel Twin Shaft Grinder

Full service in place for grinding a wide range of demanding solids in sewers

The N.Mac® channel twin shaft grinder crushes fragmenting large and solid particles in liquid media and impresses with its innovative FSIP® concept (Full Service in Place). It is ideal for a wide range of applications, from wastewater treatment to food and fruit residues.

This housing design allows being installed in sewers to crush impurities. In addition, the N.Mac® offers you the innovative FSIP® concept. Therefore, you can carry out the complete maintenance and the replacement of the cutting device without removing the entire grinder. This saves both time and money. Depending on the desired degree of crushing, numerous tooth combinations are available. The various cutter designs with three to eleven teeth can be exchanged quickly and easily, thanks to the modular design. This means that you can quickly determine the degree of shredding yourself. The different geometries of the robust cutter blocks enable the smooth shredding of various solids. Should a blockage nevertheless occur, you can solve it without dismantling the unit using the optional control system with reversal of the direction of rotation. This protects your system from a standstill and consequential damage.

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N.Mac® Channel Twin Shaft Grinder

1 Housing
Housing for channel installation to protect against blockage and damage to following devices.

2 Cutting unit
There are different cutting blocks with special geometry for optimum crushing of the solids. To achieve the desired size reduction result, the different knife configurations with three to eleven teeth can be combined with each other. Knife configuration with seven teeth as standard. The cutting tools are hardened to increase impact resistance and sharpness, so that even the most difficult of contaminants can be shredded reliably.

3 Shaft seal
Mechanical seal with quench and patented bearing and mechanical seal cartridges.

4 Drive
Energy-efficient motors with 2.2 kW, 3 kW or 4 kW are installed as standard. These offer optional control with reversal of direction of rotation for protection in the event of blockages.

5 Channel version
Product inlet and outlet are at the same height. An extended shaft is optionally available so that the motor can be installed above the medium.


Flow rate


Approximate weight


N.Mac® 50C 50 170
N.Mac® 120C 120 200
N.Mac® 250C 250 260
N.Mac® 400C 400 320

*Further sizes and technical data on request.

  • Protects the system from damage caused by contaminants
  • Anti-vibration system: Exclusive elastomer to seal the lower bearings and absorb vibrations generated during shredding
  • Bearing and mechanical seal cartridges to protect the bearings
  • Optional cleaning brush for fibrous materials removes material in the gaps between the blades
  • Cutting devices in the cartridge system
  • Modular design of the cutter blocks allows individual combinations
  • Easy on-site maintenance thanks to innovative FSIP® design
  • Optional extended shaft for channel designs that allows the motor to be installed above the medium
  • Retractable suspension lugs to facilitate disassembly

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